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Random acts of kindness

May 12, 2013, 4 Comments

Me pregunto si verdaderamente nos damos cuenta del efecto que tenemos en las personas al hacer un acto de bondad. Algo tan sencillo como una sonrisa, una llamada, una notita de animo… la lista continua! Muchas veces los cristianos nos llamamos seguidores de Cristo y no sabemos como reconocer la oportunidad de ser de bendición a aquellos que Dios ha puesto a nuestro alrededor. Le pedimos a Dios que nos use, y dejamos pasar las oportunidades que nos da.

Recuerdo hace ya un tiempo que fui a Starbucks con una amiga y había un niño haciendo flores de origami. Mientras hablábamos el niño se acerca y le da una flor a mi amiga. Nosotras nos quedamos en shock! Algo tan sencillo. Cuando terminamos nuestra cita, salimos del café, me subo en mi carro lista para partir a mi casa. Cuando miro hacia atrás para salir del estacionamiento, veo al niño que viene corriendo hacia mi carro. Bajo la ventana y le pregunto si todo esta bien… el sonrrie y me dice “esto es para ti” y me da una flor en origami. Un niño a quien no conosco, con una simple flor de papel impacto mi vida de una manera muy profunda. Aun conservo la flor.

Hoy tuve la oportunidad de hacer algo similar por una compañera. No estaba teniendo su mejor día y salio de la oficina. Aproveche el momento para hacer un dibujito para alegrarle un poco el día y animarla… algo tan sencillo como un dibujo y unas palabras sencillas le dieron un nuevo ánimo para el resto del día. Para mi algo sencillo, para ella algo inesperado que trajo luz a su vida.

No sabemos como nuestras acciones afectaran a los demás. Seamos mas sensibles a lo que ocurre a nuestro alrededor. Y tomemos provecho de cada oportunidad que se nos presenta para ser de bendición a otros.


——————- ENGLISH ——————–


Sometimes I wonder if we realize the effect we have on people when we do an act of kindness. Something as simple as a smile, a call, a cheer up note…. the list goes on! Many times christians are called followers of Christ but many times we don’t know how to recognize the opportunities to be a blessing to those God has placed around us. We ask God to use us and yet we let opportunities pass us by.

I remember not too long ago I went to Starbucks with a friend and there was a little boy make origami flowers. While we were talking the boy comes close and gives my friend a flower. We were in shock! Something so simple. When we were done, we left the coffee place, I got in my car ready to head on home. When I look behind me to leave the parking lot I see the boy running towards my car. I lower the window and asked if everything was ok…he smiled and told me “this is for you” and gave me an origami flower. A boy I don’t know, with a simple flower impacted my life in such a profound way. I still keep the flower.

Today I had the opportunity to do something similar for a co-worker. She wasn’t having the best day and left the office. I took advantage of that moment to make a little drawing to cheer her up and brighten her day…something as simple as a drawings and some words cheered her up for the rest of the day. To me something simple, for her something unexpected which brought light to her life.

We don’t know how our actions will affect others. Lets be sensitive to what’s happening around us. Lets take advantage of each opportunity that comes before us to be a blessing for others.

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  • Reply Yesenia Sexto June 19, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Acts of Random Kindness (ARK), just like a movie I saw some time ago.

    Well, what can I add to Jennie’s message? I have been used to do various ARKs with my mom and sister as we grew up and also later in life and believe, to know you have made somebody’s day or blessed them is so amazing but when you receive an ARK, man that is just mind blowing!! I received one ARK recently from a very special person, I was not having a very awesome day and I went to my mailbox and received a letter who’s sender indicated the following: Guess Who?, I just started to smile!!! I used to write a lot of letters and send it with that name of Guess Who? and I knew, just knew that it had to be someone very close to me! The message inside was even more amazing, the sender was letting me know what I blessing I was and sending me blessings as well. I did not know I had that influence in her life. I am just so blessed to have key people in my life and of course people that are connected with God. My big Thanks to the sender who made my day, I truly could not stop smiling and felt blessed by your letter. Can you guess who the sender was? I think you already figured that one out.
    Many blessings to all.

    • Reply Jennie June 19, 2010 at 8:58 am

      Thanks Yesi!! I tell you… we might never really just how powerful a smile, a hug or a letter can be!! I’m glad it brought some sunshine on your life!! You’re very special to me!! Love ya!

  • Reply Marielis May 14, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    I believe that a smile is our best letter of presentation into the hearts of those around us, whether we know them or not. And like M.Twain once said: Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

    Enjoyed your blog greatly Jennie!!!

    • Reply Jennie May 14, 2013 at 9:28 pm

      Completely agree with you! 🙂

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