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Ipsy Makeup Reviews Subscription Box Swatches

Ipsy glam bag- July 2013

August 8, 2013, 0 Comments

Yes!!! It’s that time again!! I can’t express the happy feeling I get when I look at my mailbox from my kitchen and see a HOT pink envelope sticking out! It feels like christmas every month! For real!! Who would think that these little things could bring such joy! 😉

So for those of you who don’t know what Ipsy is… it is a subscription service where you pay $10 a month and receive a variety of beauty products (deluxe samples and sometimes full-sized items) raging from makeup, nails, skin care, hair products, etc. They always come in a little cosmetic bag that matches the month’s theme. If you are interested and would like to check them out click here. If after reading my post, and if you heard of Ipsy from me, I would appreciate it if you used my link, since we get little bonus when referring friends! 😉 So go check it out!!

Now on to the goodies…

Ipsy Glam Bag July 2013

This month’s theme was “Beach Beauty.” A proper theme for the summer, and for me even more so as I love the beach!! This month’s bag was in hot pink, transparent plastic type. One word: WATERPROOF! I’ll just say that I actually took this with me to the beach a couple of times this month. Very useful that it’s transparent so I can see what’s inside, and it’ll keep its content water-free and sand-free. Loved it!!! It’s super duper cute, and clear. It had me at hello!!

The products, I have to say that I loved most of them. I actually took my time to write this and didn’t do it as soon as I received the products ’cause I really wanted to try these in order to give a good review about them. So I’ve been using most of the products for a little over two weeks now…and the verdict? I loved most of them!! Check out what I got:

We’ll start with the only one I didn’t really like. I got the Coola Mineral Suncreen Tinted Moisturizer in Rose Essence.

coola       coola_swatch

First off, the color is a bit light, but it’s not a big deal. It blends well into your skin so I didn’t look too white or dark. It is somewhat shimmery, which is definitely not my cup of tea for something I’ll have all over my face. The smell of it…yuck!! It smells like an old person’s perfume (no offense!). It’s very strong! Not for me!! And to top it off it’s only SPF 20! What?? Like that’s going to really protect my face from the sun! I live on an island- hello??!! I always try to put a very high SPF on my face in order to protect it, and this is not it. The minimum recommended SPF protection is 30, so it doesn’t even meet the minimum, and that is a big negative for this product. It does have natural ingredients…so if you live somewhere that you’re not too exposed to the sun, and you like strong smelling tinted moisturizer, then this might be for you. Unfortunately, that’s not me.

Next up is the BH Cosmetics California Collection sample shadows.


I actually own the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 1st Edition, and I love it. So I had very high hopes for this…I’m not including swatches of these three shadows ’cause I actually have the California Collection pallets and will be reviewing them on another post. About this specific, it is a sample palette of the new shadow palettes by BH Cosmetics Hollywood, San Francisco and Malibu. It showcases a shadow from each individual palette. I can say honestly that this sample doesn’t do the actual palettes justice. Each palette has a wide range of eyeshadow color and face powders that simply one color will not convince you to get the palette. Also, it seems as they’re not the exact same colors as they are on the actual palette. I was comparing them to each other and the bigger palettes seem like a much better quality. I’ll let you know once I do the review. As far as this little sample, I have yet to use it, since I do own the palettes. I wanted to keep it unused in order to give it away to someone. So yes, it’s pretty cool to get the sample, but perhaps it would’ve been better to have various different samples from each palette and match them according to what people put on their profiles.

Skin care. I got to be honest, I was not sure what to expect from this next product. I’m not much for skin care…I should as I am getting older, but yeah. So in a sense I was looking forward to trying this product and maybe get some skin care routine of the sort. I got the Derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub. What a name full!!

dermae       dermae_swatch

This stuff is pretty cool! First of all, I LOVE the smell!!! It’s lemon! I’m a lemon junkie!! The label says “this award-winning exfoliator helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. Leaves skin youthfully radiant.” That’s a lot to live up to! I haven’t used it long enough to comment about the wrinkles and fine lines, plus I’m blessed not to have wrinkles and fine lines….but on the acne, it works. As a teenager I was one of the lucky ones to not have much trouble with acne, as an adult not so much. I can’t say I have a big issue with acne, but from time to time (specially certain times of the month- you know ladies! 😉 ) my hormones go a little crazy and I’ll break out randomly. This little exfoliator has been great! It has help tame my breakouts and my acne scaring. I really like the smell and texture of this scrub and would more than likely consider purchasing the full sized product. This is actually a pretty good sized sample (1 oz) so I’ll wait to finish it and continue to monitor results before I decide to purchase. The full-size is 2 oz and retails for $32.50. That means that this sample alone is worth more than what I paid for this months bag! Pretty neat!!

If you read my previous post, you know that I’m trying to get more comfortable with wearing lipstick. So I was really excited for this next product (which is a full-sized product!). It’s the Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush.

pop       pop_swatch_coral

Yay!!! I was really hoping to get this color! There were two other options available. Good job Ipsy on matching the color well!! So this lip crayon is a pink going on red color, very creamy, with a sort of minty taste/smell to it. I really like that you don’t have to sharpen this! The end twists to give more product! Awesome. I really like the color. The only downer, is that they don’t sell this individually, they sell them as a set. So that means you’re stuck with other colors….which means I probably won’t be purchasing this in the future. And to be honest, I love my “Rock a Fellas” NYC lipstick a lot more (and it’s cheaper too!!).

Last but not least is the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray.


My hair is Curly. That means that I can’t really use just anything on my hair. On top of that, I live on an island where the humidity levels are very high! This is not a good combination for curly hair!! It took me a while for me to give this a try. I don’t like messing with my “perfect” hair routine…but I still wanted to give it a try. The spray says to apply it to damp hair and let air dry, or dry with a diffuser. So I did. I wash my hair like I normally do, towel dry, and spray this generously through my hair and let it air dry. I’m impressed. I got to say that I’m glad I gave this a shot! My hair did feel healthier, and my curls were active, and pretty much frizz free. I loved it. I used it in combination with my Curly Sexy Hair Curl Spray Foam, and they work well together. I’m thinking of making it part of my hair routine if I can get my hand on it….they won’t ship to Puerto Rico! Buuuu!!! So we’ll see. But I was really happy with this and the results.

So overall, for me, it was an awesome bag this month. Only one product to dislike, and the rest were pretty cool. That’s the joy of this…to try different products and discover what works for you and what doesn’t! I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the brands, so that was a plus. I love to discover new things!!

So what about you guys? Did you like the July Ipsy bag? What about your products?

If you’re not a member of Ipsy and would like to, go check it out, click here. You won’t regret getting various goodies every month!! 😉

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