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DIY: Baby shower gift wrapping idea

August 17, 2013, 0 Comments

Hello everyone!!!

This past weekend I was at my cousin’s baby shower and I had a lot of fun wrapping her present. I decided to document each step so I can share the idea with you guys to do in the future. I want to clarify, I did not come up with the idea, I saw on Pinterest, but I did not see a step by step. So here I’ll break it down step by step! Hope you  guys enjoy it!! 🙂

So the idea is to make “lollypops” with washcloths and baby spoons. Here’s what you’ll need:


1) Washcloth (two per lollypop)
2) Baby spoon
3) Clear baggies (to wrap each lollypop)
4) Twisties or ribbons
5) Tape


Step #1

step1Take two of the washcloths and fold them to make a thin “line.” In my case I used a pattern towel with a solid color.


Step #2


Place both folded cloth one on top of the other and begin to roll. I would suggest placing the solid color on top so that the pattern cloth will show on the outside. Once you’re done rolling the two cloths, add a piece of tape to keep the shape.

Cloth Lollypop


Step #3


Add a colorful spoon. Secure it in place with some tape.


Step #4


Wrap it all up in a clear plastic bag. I used a round treat bag I got it from my local Walmart store. It came with the twisties so I used them. You can choose to add some ribbons to make it prettier. 😉


That’s it!! Now you got a creative way of giving your gift!! Just repeat the steps so you can have many “lollypops” in all different colors! There are many ways you can give these.



I decided to create a small box with other goodies the mom to be had asked for. I saw this Johnson’s baby gift set with a keepsake box and thought it would be perfect to add the lollypops to it and make it a new, more personalized (and cute!) gift. I bought a foam (like the one used to make flower arrangements), some baby motive confetti to cover the foam. Stick the lollypops in the foam, wrap with a clear bag (your choice!), add some ribbons, and you’re done.



Hope you guys learned something and get some ideas for future baby shower gift ideas!


P.S. I also tried the onesies wrapped as cupcakes here’s how they turned out:


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